Fluxhaus is a global network of like-minded creatives.

We’re in a constant state of flux. When projects call for bigger teams, tighter deadlines, specific insights, or just another pair of eyes  -these are the friends of flux.

Keegan hates writing about himself.

Keegan Muir

Creative director at fluxhaus

The only way to truly describe Chris is enigmatic. Never one to shy away from a challenge Chris has tackled illustration, VR, AR, game design, and concept art. Find out more about the myth of a man here.

Chris Hinz

Visual designer

Dan is a multi-media powerhouse designer. With a keen eye for  motion, and a mind unbound by traditional norms, Dan creates vast three-dimensional worlds filled with wonder. When the man is not lecturing, he can be found tinkering. With such a lateral and inventive approach Daniel has participated in international think-tank challenges, and runs two design outfits.

Daniel Mynarek

owner of chromatik & execute

Self-obsessed narcissist. Good at tautology and repeating herself.

Rebecca Haupt


Let’s get straight to the point. We’d point out how much Pointy likes pointing, but we think you get the picture. P O I N T .

Pointy McPointson

pointer (not the dog)

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