Welcome to fluxhaus

This is the home of Durban-based creative studio FLUXHAUS. We’ll keep this brief. Give us money, and we’ll make you cool stuff. We’re young, and fun. Take a look at what we have on offer below. Hugs and kisses. Uum, I mean firm business handshake.

Durban based motion graphic studio.


  1. 1.
    the action or process of moving
    "the flux of ions across the membrane"

Design & Illustration

At FLUXHAUS we pride ourselves in our creative problem solving, and innovative design approach backed by sound strategy. We blur the lines between art and design.

Animation & Film

Print is dead. Bring life to your next project with motion graphics, or live action. Stand out from the crowd in this vast sea of static images. Choose motion.

Stills Photography

Like most creatives, we speak in words, but see in images. FLUXHAUS:photografic marries the antiquated analogue and precise digital realms. See our gallery for a taste of our particular brand of photography.

state of flux

We don't flux for you.
We flux with you.

FLUXHAUS is collaborative by nature. 

We partner with brands, and individuals we believe in. Passion is imperative to great work. This is the code we live by.  FLUXHAUS strives for excellence, not only visually, but ethically too. 

Collaborate with us on your next creative project.